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Nobody likes to think about death. That’s why so many people avoid taking the important step of planning for how their assets will be divided when they pass on. Having an estate plan will relieve your family of the burden making these decisions without knowing your wishes, reducing their anxiety during the mourning period. We’re also here for you if a loved one has passed and their estate is in probate, working to help your family through this process during a very difficult time. Englewood estate planning attorney Cameron Loh helps families from Venice, North Port, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda get their affairs in order in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Please call (941) 475-4418 to schedule an appointment.

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It’s important to hire an Englewood estate planning attorney that’s willing to patiently look at all the details of your estate to determine what legal instruments will serve you best. Cameron Loh uses his knowledge and experience to guide families through this process seamlessly, ensuring that they have everything they need to protect themselves and their family when they pass on or become unable to handle their own affairs. Putting off these issues can leave your assets in jeopardy and your family scrambling for answers during a period of mourning. Taking the time to make an estate plan is something you will never regret.

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